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QTK20 self erecting tower Crane

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Tower Crane
Number of Counter weight:
Rail travelling system:
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  • Feature: Tower Crane
  • Port: Tianjin
  • Number of Counter weight: 6
  • Rail travelling system: optional
  • Max. Lifting Load: 2000kg
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Set/Sets NO MOQ
  • lifting speed: VFD, 0-35m/min
  • Model Number: QTK20
  • 30 degree elevating jib length: 21
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Rated Lifting Moment: 200 KNm
  • maximum lifting capacity: 2000kg
  • power supply: electrical motor(Not hydraulic)
  • Application: self erected tower crane
  • Span: 25
  • 30 degree elevating jib height: 35m
  • Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)
  • tip load: 800kg
  • Condition: New
  • Level jib hoisting height: 23m
  • horizontal jib length: 25
  • Rated Loading Capacity: 8-20kn
  • Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Year m
  • Max. Lifting Height: 35m
  • Brand Name: CABR/M


QTK20 self erecting tower Crane
1 Track Rail or Hydraulic Supports
2 Can travel with load
3 self rising
4 Patented

 QTK20 self erecting tower Crane


QTK20 self erecting tower Crane is a new type of tower crane developed by Institute of Building
Mechanization China Academy of Building Research.

QTK20 fast erected Crane is an entirely delivered and quickly erected machine for vertical and horizontal transportation.
QTK20 fast erected Crane s suitable for civilian constructions from 7 to 10 storeys(10-11storeys when jib upwards, less than 8 storeys when jib is level). Besides, QTK20 fast erected Cranecan also be used for transportation and stack of goods in workshops, freight yards,rail stations,docks etc. It is also a kind of mobile hoisting and conveying machine






  Lifting Moment



  Rated Lifting Capacity



  Working Radius(Level Jib/30°upwards)



  Hoisting Height(Level Jib/30°upwards)



  Gauge *Axle Base



  Max. working wind scale



  Dead Weight



  Counter Weight



  Tail Radius



 Travelling Distance of Cable Drum


 20 on each side

  Rail Model



  Rated Power(380V/50Hz/3P)(Optional)






The main feature of QTK20 fast erected Crane s easy to be quickly erected and be 

completely delivered. When the QTK20 fast erected Crane is folded, it can be delivered 

to the construction site by a truck,then it can be self assembled(including outer tower mast's 

erecting, inner tower mast's stretching from outer mast, jib's unfolding and counter weight

 installation) within a certain time by its own mechanism with the assistance of one mobile 

crane and two workers. 

3.1 The inner tower mast can lock or unlock automatically when it has stretched 

or retracted in accurate position.

3.2 Jib can unfold or fold in th air automatically in the process of tower masts' stretching 

or retracting.

3.3 Tower mast stretching,jib unfolding and counter weight installation can be finished 

within the whole range from 0° to 360°.It is the same to crane dismounting.

3.4 QTK20 fast erected Crane is erected by a winch and a whole set of wire 

rope pulley system. 

3.5 QTK20 fast erected Crane an change from rail travelling to fixed supports 

and vice versa according to requirements.

3.6 The jib of QTK20 fast erected Crane can go 30° upwards to increase the hoisting 

height with a maximum lifting capacity of 800kg,when the trolley can not move .

3.7 The hoisting system of QTK20 fast erected Crane has a variable-pole-speed motor.It can 

shift working speed with load.

3.8 The slewing system of QTK20 fast erected Crane has a hydraulic clutch and brake 

to ensure smooth start.

3.9 The safety devices of QTK20 fast erected Crane are complete,sensitive and reliable.





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